In cities around the world, graffiti has been a perpetual annoyance for any business. Spray painting, etchings or scratching with a key or knife have become a long standing and costly nuisance. The cleaning of graffiti reportedly costs businesses $8 billion dollars every year.

There may not be a permanent way to stop the vandals, but Enhanced Glass knows how to save you money on cleaning and repair costs.

Anti-graffiti window film is the most efficient means of fighting against graffiti vandalism. Near invisible and undetectable, it’s a specially coated thick film that goes directly over your windows and mirrors. We recommend a film at least 6 millimeters thick, so that even the most aggressive taggings will not cut through to your glass surface.

If vandals do pay a visit and attempt to tag or deface the window in any way, there is no damage to the glass beneath the film. Removable and sacrificial, the anti-graffiti film can be peeled off by professionally trained Enhanced Glass staff. It is not only a quicker process in comparison to glass replacement or scratch removal, but a film replacement will also be less expensive. This will even be a deterrent to future acts as studies have shown when it’s seen that their efforts cause no harm, perpetrators will move on.

Enhanced Glass can give you all the specifics on anti-graffiti film. Feel free to contact them today.