Enhanced Glass is offering a commercial security film for your commercial properties. This commercial-grade window film is designed to provide added protection to your business and its occupants by reinforcing the structure of any normal glass surface. It is made from layers of heavy gauge plastic and bonded by a combination of unique adhesives. This product, when laid across a glass surface, forms an invisible shield. Once it is fully cured to your commercial windows, the security film absorbs impact while holding the glass together, preventing any potential shattering or breakage.

Our security film can deliver maximum benefits for your commercial property while still being affordable and cost-effective. Our high quality films can help you with potential security risks. Not only will it protect your commercial windows, it will also let your mind be more at ease and relaxed knowing that your office is safer than ever.

Here are the benefits that your property will get when you decide to use a security film from Enhanced Glass:

 Bomb Blast Mitigation

There are specific architectural designs such as recruitment centres, research facilities, etc. that may require a bomb blast mitigating security film on all windows. Enhanced Glass can help you find the best specific security film system that will meet the required code.

The commercial security film is credited with saving lives at the Pentagon on 9/11. In the event of a fire or explosion, glazed surfaces may present a safety hazard to the commercial area. Under circumstances of severe or sudden heat, glass fragments may be propelled at high speeds. Also, small particles from windows, mirrors or glass doors can become lethal projectiles. This is especially critical in environments where volatile materials such as flammables and explosives are used. That is why a tested and certified security film will greatly reduce these kinds of risks in these situations. Not only will it prevent the glass from directly absorbing the heat of the environment, it will also prevent the glass from shattering and propelling all over the place. With this, the commercial film can give ample time to the employees to evacuate the area and go to a safer place.

Theft Deterrence

Security film is an especially excellent deterrent against the criminal element. Clear and invisible, but durable and strong, it is tough enough to deter a crime such as ‘smash and grab’, where a thief walks up and breaks a window to get inside the store. With our high tensile strength security film in place, the thief is in for a big surprise. Security film can prevent costly damage and loss of property.

Anchoring System

Our anchoring system maximizes the security level of your windows. The security film anchor is applied after film installation, using a tested and approved heavy duty caulking sealant. It reinforces the edges of the film by firmly securing it to the frame. It will reinforce the security film by creating a flexible membrane that captures and absorbs the energy of any impact, while holding the window firmly to the frame . This process provides maximum tensile tear strength and long term flexibility. It is a requirement by code when used for bomb blast mitigation, but will enhance security for any commercial application.

Enhanced Glass knows security and we are committed to helping you protect your commercial property. Our products meet required certification and test standards issued by the International Window Film Association. You can rest assured that any potential threat has been minimized with the most viable deterrent to crime and vandalism, as well as unforeseen disaster.