Enhanced Glass Smart Film Is...

Enhanced Glass Smart Film Is...


We used to have to choose; do I want to sacrifice my privacy, or do I want to sacrifice my view? Not any more. Keep both. Blinds and shades may do the same thing, but are not as easy to use if needing to add and remove privacy often.


Frost in itself is very attractive on windows as it diffuses light and distorts images, while offering privacy. Our smart tint, or smart frost offers that same elegance to your windows, but only when you need it. It is ideal for large conference rooms that are looking to find the perfect solution to a difficult problem.


Now you can instantly add frosted privacy with the flip of a switch, or the click of a remote. Our smart tint can make any flat glass, smart glass! The smart film appears clear when turned on, and frosted when turned off. It runs on a hidden low voltage transformer that will come with your installation, and uses very little power. Don’t want to hardwire it into you electrical? We can even install it so it plugs into an outlet.


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