What is Security Film?

Security Film is comprised of thick layers of clear plastics that are compressed flat to a film that is used for various uses and applications, with the common goal of absorbing impact. It comes in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from 3 mil and going past 14 mil. Again, these security films are all optically clear, yet once they pass the 8 mil range they start becoming distorted, which is why we recommend 7 mil for all residential security film applications.

  • Safety Film – The thinner range films (3mil – 6mil) can be used and considered as safety film. They will hold glass together much like a car windshield holds glass together. Often times building code now requires tempered glass or safety film on certain windows, whether commercial or residential. What if the wrong glass was installed? What if the windows are old and must be considered safe in order for us to sell our home? What if we worry about our children playing near large windows that have the potential to shatter. Safety film is the perfect retrofit product!
  • Security Film – We consider anything 6mil or thicker security film. By far our most common reason for installing residential security film is for anti-intrusion purposes. Security film will absorb impact in the event that a burglar tries to get in our home or place of work. Typically they will run off rather than spending the effort necessary to get through the security film. This doesn’t mean that they can’t get in. It means that your home has an added layer of security. We have never heard of a customer being broken into AFTER we have installed the security film. In fact we have a couple success stories in which the perpetrators either couldn’t get in, or took so long to get in that they were caught! Check out this video of an actual break in attempt caught on camera!
  • Earthquake Film – We have heard of other companies selling security film as “Earthquake Film” or even “Hurricane Film.” It is the same film, just with the goal of keeping ourselves safe in the event of a natural disaster. Flying shards of glass can be very dangerous, and a security film is designed to hold glass together.
  • Bomb Blast Mitigation – The reason security film was invented! Again, in the event of a disaster such as a bomb, lives are important, and flying glass is very dangerous. We have installed security film on many buildings such as government facilities and oil refineries for this reason

The bottom line – Security Film can help add the level of safety to your family, your home, or your building. If you have any questions regarding our films, give us a call