With a vast array of products for commercial window film, Enhanced Glass can help make your commercial property a safer, more relaxed environment. There is no job, big or small, where we won’t apply our best technicians and products. We offer practical options at the most affordable prices on the market.

Enhanced Glass has the best products available from leading manufacturers. When we take on the job of improving your property, we bring with us our reputation and our respect for our clients and their goals. We will beautify and protect your business, exceeding your expectations.

Commercial solar film is ideal for creating a safer, comfortable, more attractive environment.

  • Eliminate glare
  • Reduce ultraviolet rays and heat exposure
  • Correct imbalances between sunny and shaded areas.

Solar film can be applied for multiple solutions, and it looks fantastic!

Security film protects the windows from acts of vandalism and criminality. Reinforcing the window, security film can prevent a thief from using a blunt instrument to break the glass. It also prevents graffiti as violators only deface the film, not the surface beneath. Security film, thin and durable, absorbs impact, deterring would-be violators.

Privacy film enhances the appearance of the window while preventing others from looking in. It should be applied whenever you want to close off a section of the environment, such as a conference room.  Privacy film is affordable, classy and elegant.

We have a long list of satisfied commercial clients. We have helped them reduce heating and cooling costs with the right solution for maximizing window performance. We have demonstrated how to present a remarkable impression via commercial film featuring either a logo or graphic design. We have shown our clients ways to minimize the annoyance of graffiti and the threat of theft.

There are numerous practical and aesthetic applications for commercial window film. We are ready to help you determine the most effective solution. When partnering with Enhanced Glass for your commercial projects, we guarantee to bring confidence and ensure complete 100% customer satisfaction.