If you want to create an attractive and eye catching design for your business property, yet still have that professional touch, we recommend using a commercial decorative window tint from Enhanced Glass!  There is no need to automatically turn to the expensive option of having your normal windows glass etched or sandblasted . Enhanced Glass would like to suggest you consider frosted privacy film for your business property. The difference is very minimal to a point that no one will even know the difference and the savings will be very substantial. This type of commercial window film, which can be utilized on any flat glass surface, includes privacy, decorative and graphic options that you can choose according to your preferences.

Frosted Film vs. Etched Glass

  • Cannot decide if you want to use a commercial frosted film or an etched glass? Let us help you! Here are the differences between a frosted film and an etched glass:
    • The various privacy and decorative commercial films are ideal for leased spaces since these can be removed easily while etched glass will be permanent if applied. So, if you choose to use an etched glass, your decorative options will be limited and it will be more costly if you decide to change your glass surface.
    • Glass etching and sand blasting are timely. It will be a hassle if you decide to have your glass etched or sandblasted. You need to set a time for the technicians to have your glass etched.
    • Glass etching and sand blasting can be expensive especially if you have specific requirements you want for your office while commercial frosted films are considerably cheaper.
    • Not only do the commercial window tint applications cost considerably less, but they can be installed in a fraction of the time. It can even be done in a day!

The Enhanced Glass’ trained and expert technicians can be in and out, leaving behind a fresh new appearance to your glass surfaces in a small amount of time. It will surely bring a whole new level of look to your office after it is applied to your glasses.

There Are Many Different Styles to Choose From

The commercial decorative frosted film comes in a variety of styles and textures you can choose from according to your preferences. Our team can create the look of sand blasted glass, or, if desired, a uniform appearance of etched glass. You can also opt to use an opaque frosted film which offers a distorting slant that will give the windows and glasses a touch of flair and elegance. If you want, there are also a wide selection of transparencies which can be used as a cover to certain parts of your office like meeting rooms, confidential rooms and such. With this, it can also provide privacy and security to your office area. We can also provide a customized style to the frosted films for your glass surface should you have a specific design in mind. You can now turn any plain glass surface into an elegant focal point that enhances the environment with Enhanced Glass!

Graphics Design

Any graphics can be printed on almost any of our commercial decorative window tint. You can create a professional look by branding your logo or display a graphic on your storefront glass in a fashionable, creative and affordable manner. Also, you can display information about your business on any office doors, lobby glass, and any other glass surfaces if you opt to do that. Another thing that you can do is design your glass surfaces with decorative lines, curves and patterns that can enhance the look of your office. Turn your office from boring to inspirational with our commercial frosted films! Still can’t decide or don’t know exactly what you want? Have us design a specific pattern for you to give your business that sophisticated look. We have an excellent team of people that can suggest different creative designs for your glass surfaces.


Enhanced Glass would be happy to discuss all your options in detail and help give your business the distinction that it deserves. Give us a call today 206-886-9999 and we will be happy to assist you with any concerns or queries.