What Are Your Privacy Film Options?

Privacy in our homes is important for peace of mind. Can neighbors or people passing on the street see through your front door, or worse, into your bathroom?

People have certainly tackled the issue with various solutions. Besides the use of curtains and blinds, homeowners have been known to rely on such unconventional means as cardboard, paper blinds, and even newspapers.

It sounds like it’s time for an upgrade… Our privacy film can be retrofitted to any flat glass you desire. These window films are a permanent solution but can be professionally removed as well.

Privacy Film Solutions:

    • Frosted Film or Decorative Films

Elegant and Tasteful. Frosted film comes in a variety of shades and designs. Check out our decorative film viewer. This option is great when you don’t need to see in or out, but want to keep all that natural sunlight coming in. A reveal may also be cut along the edges to create a bit of flair.

    • Smart Film

Versatile. Sophisticated. Awesome. Turn it on when you want privacy, and off when you want to see through your windows. Simply awesome! Check out our smart film page here.

    • One Way Privacy Film

Practical and effective. You see out, but they can’t see in. This is a great solution when you need daytime privacy. If you need full privacy at night too, then one way privacy film and blinds offer the ideal solution.

Let our team at Enhanced Glass help you maximize your privacy with the perfect custom solution. We are based in Seattle, so call us now for more info!