Decorative/Privacy Film

Privacy in our homes is important for peace of mind.

Are there areas of the home where you wish there was less access by the outside world? Can neighbors or people passing on the street see through your front door? Is the house next door so close that anyone can see you in the bathroom? Are they inviting themselves to dinner when they see what you’re cooking up in the kitchen?

People have certainly tackled the issue with various solutions. Besides the use of curtains and blinds, homeowners have been known to rely on such unconventional means as cardboard, paper blinds, and even newspapers.

While some of these solutions may seem practical, nothing has the tasteful elegance of frosted privacy film.

Wherever there is the possibility of unwanted intrusion in your space, frosted privacy film is a solid solution. It won’t merely protect your privacy. This fine product will beautify and enhance windows, thus increasing the value of your property.

Privacy Film Benefits:

Choose a film option that will best work for you, then choose your application. The film will be retrofitted to any flat glass you desire. A reveal may also be cut along the edges to create a bit of flair. Frosted privacy film can also be designed with unique images or designs that you create.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Customizable – After choosing your desired frost, choose any images.
  • Reduces Glare
  • 99% UV Protective
  • Does not inhibit sunlight from passing through – Frost merely distorts shapes with a pixilation effect
  • Removable – If you decide to change frost design, or no longer need privacy on certain windows, all of our films can be professionally removed.
  • Get the privacy you crave, and give your home a striking new look.

With frosted window film, Enhanced Glass can maximize privacy in your bathrooms, entryways and any other situation where someone might see you before you want to be seen. We are based in Seattle so call us now for more info.