Beat the Heat with Solar Window Film

The day’s are getting longer and it looks like it is time to start gearing up for summer heat. Solar window films are the ideal solution to excess heat due to the solar energy we face each summer. Our windows are the most vulnerable point on our homes for solar heat to penetrate. When solar window film is used, heat is cut significantly. Some solar films we use can actually reject up to 82% of the solar energy that would otherwise come beating through our windows.

One reason people tend to shy away from solar window film is that we live in area’s such as Portland, Seattle, Bellevue and Kirkland. We may get our sun in the summer, but what do we do about winter? Good question. We install a solar film that is just right for all seasons! That means the residential solar film must be powerful enough to significantly reduce the effects of the sun, while being light enough so our winters aren’t gloomier than they have to be. Is it possible you ask? It is! Call us to see what solar films will suit your families unique circumstances!

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