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Frosted Privacy Glass For Added Privacy at Home

Having large, open windows is a great way to make a room feel as bright and airy as possible. However, many people struggle with finding a way to let in light while also blocking visibility of what’s behind a window. That’s where frosted glass ‑ professionally installed by the experienced technicians at Enhanced Glass ‑ can help.

Frosted glass, also referred to as privacy glass or translucent glass, is a type of glass that has been sandblasted or acid etched to distort images seen through the glass. This process creates a glass that is neither transparent or opaque, but translucent. Translucent glass is transparent enough for light to pass through, but too opaque to see anything through other than distorted and blurry shapes and colors. Because of this unique ability to let in light while maintaining privacy, translucent privacy glass is popular in bathrooms. Also, since frosted glass can be etched with custom artwork and designs, it has been used by homeowners as an accent to main entry doors, sliding glass doors, kitchen and pantry doors, closet doors, etc. Outside the home, frosted privacy glass is often used in professional settings to partition off work areas and office spaces.

When it comes time to clean a frosted privacy glass window, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to maintain. Frosted glass doesn’t attract or show fingerprints like transparent glass windows, so a periodic light dusting is usually enough to keep frosted privacy glass clean.

If you have large windows that look directly onto the street or are visible from neighboring properties, frosted privacy glass windows can help you maintain a bright atmosphere in your home and maintain the privacy of the people living there.

In addition to looking great, letting in the sunlight, and maintaining privacy, translucent frosted glass can also reduce the amount of UV rays that enter your home through your windows. UV rays are harmful emissions from the sun that can damage skin and fade walls and furniture. This means that frosted glass can help protect your family from UV rays and help your furniture last and stay looking like new for longer periods of time.

Using privacy glass on your home windows can also reduce the risk of certain property crimes, like burglary. Since translucent privacy glass blocks visibility of property in the home, a would‑be criminal is less likely to attempt a crime if they can’t see anything of value. The most that anyone looking through frosted glass would see is obscure shapes and blurry colors.

The men and women of Enhanced Glass are true industry professionals who understand frosted glass fabrication and installation. They can guide you through the ordering process, explain the details of installation, and even help you design a custom pattern for your privacy glass. Contact Enhanced Glass today to experience the benefits of beautiful, custom designed, and professionally installed frosted glass. Contact us by phone at (206) 886‑9999 or email us at contact@enhanced‑

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