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The Benefits of Residential Solar Film

Residential solar film from Enhanced Glass helps protect you, your windows, flooring, furniture, and pictures from the harmful effects of the suns rays. Even in the Seattle area, where the weather is often overcast, harmful UV rays still penetrate windows. The sun may be hidden behind the clouds, but its rays are still there and still ready to do damage during all seasons. Curtains and blinds offer some protection from the suns rays, however, they block your view. Residential solar film protects, while enhancing your view through glare reduction. In this article, we’ll go over the benefits of having Enhanced Glass install residential solar film in your home, but first, let’s define what residential solar film is.

What Is Residential Solar Film?

Residential solar film is a multi-layered yet thin optically clear, scratch-resistant sheet woven with metal or ceramic combinations. It’s designed to be extremely durable. Our solar film is so durable we offer a lifetime warranty on all residential installations! Residential solar film is placed on your windows by an Enhanced Glass expert. Once installed, the film provides outstanding protection against harmful effects of the sun.

Metallic solar films are more common and less expensive than the ceramic versions. Ceramic solar films eliminate any reflective quality. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll be doing your windows and your home a favor. Now that you know what residential solar film is, let’s move on to the benefits.

The Benefits of Residential Solar Film

The benefits of residential solar film are numerous. Residential solar film can:

  • Protect against the deterioration of flooring, furniture, pictures and your windows. Why? Residential solar film drastically reduces the sun’s effects which cause deterioration, discoloration and fading.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of heat absorbed and released into your home. Residential solar film allows visible light to enter your home, but it filters out the heat and UV rays from doing any damage.
  • Make your home environment 78% cooler than a home with untreated glass.
  • Reduce the suns glare by up to 85%.
  • Block dangerous UV light from entering your home. This can reduce health problems such as skin cancer and other health risks. Our residential solar films reduce UV light by 99%.
  • Save you money by reducing the energy demand on your home’s systems. You’ll be improving the level of comfort in your home and going green at the same time.

Enhanced Glass can advise you on the optimum residential solar film to reduce the sun’s damaging effects on your property. Give us a call at today at (206) 886-9999.

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